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In VROOM you play as a segway driver turned demonslayer, after he finds himself stranded on a small island in the vast reaches of hell. Your whole interaction with the game is based around mouse movement, no additional control methods are present. Maneuver your way around the hazardous environment and survive as long as possible, while trying to take down as many demons as you can with you.

Make them fear the two wheeled menace.

Rip and Tear, until your battery runs out.

(Created as part of the Schmiede JamIsland 2019 GameJam)

Nico Pfeifenberger
Phillip Sigl
Diana Wermescher
Daniel Wiendl


Build.zip 41 MB


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Genius concept.

Couldn't you switch the controls for acceleration to W and S instead of look up/down?

It'd also be cool if the music looped. It was fun.

Thanks for taking the time to play. Do you suggest decoupling the aiming from the movement or do you mean that the up/down camera controls + forward/backward movement should still be linked but instead controlled with W and S? 

The music and some balancing issues will definitely be fixed if we can find the time.

We really appreciate the feedback!